Our Vision

Improving Retail Operations with Advanced Computer Vision

Gordian Sense pairs seamlessly with existing restocking retail workflows.

Our advanced computer vision & perception technology enhances inventory management operations by detecting and quantifying item shortages, depletions, misplacements and much more on shelves. We’re partnering with leading retailers nationwide to solve their inventory operation problems more efficiently and economically than ever before.

Our Technology

Gordian Sense

Your team’s intelligent partner for identifying and solving inventory management problems in real time.

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How It Sees

Our proprietary computer vision pipeline detects various shelf environments and can identify item shortages, depletions, misplacements, and much more.

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How It Learns

Gordian Sense creates and maintains a map of your store layout, refining and updating over time. The system also develops critical insights about consumer purchase behavior.

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What It Communicates

Gordian Sense synthesizes copious amounts of data and seamlessly relays it to your existing inventory management platform through a simple API integration.